Right To Education entitlements

School Uniforms under RTE entitlements
The RTE Act guarantees free and compulsory education for all children in Government schools. Uniforms constitute an expense which poor families are often not able to afford, and thus becomes a barrier for many children to pursue and complete elementary education. The Scheme provide two sets of uniform to all girls, SC, ST children and Below Poverty Line (BPL) children at an average cost of Rs. 600/- per child per annum. The purpose of school uniforms is to inspire a sense of belonging and ownership of the school for the children using its services.
The Central Government is providing funds on yearly basis under Samagra Shiksha for purchase and supply of 2-set of stitched uniforms to all girl children and boys belonging to SC, ST, BPL categories [at] Rs 600/- per student ([at] Rs. 300/- per set) for elementary classes of govt. schools.
Text Books
Appropriate use of text books is a major indicator of quality education imparted in schools. Therefore Textbook production reform, including the layout and design, text and cover paper size and specifications, ink, printing and binding, etc., have significant implications. Textbooks are covered under RTE entitlements. There is support for provisions for textbooks to all children in Government/Local Body and Government Aided schools, including Madarsas desirous of introducing the State curriculum, at primary level and at upper primary level. The textbooks should keep the principle of equity and inclusion at the forefront, proactively break extant stereotypes and reflect sensitivity to gender, caste and class parity, peace, health and needs of differently abled children.