UbaidAfzal - HSS Wanpoh, Jammu and Kashmir

UbaidAfzal was identified during the survey conducted in 2013 under the IED component of SSA. He is suffering from the conditional Retinitis Pigmentosa, a condition in which eye sight deteriorates with the passage of time. Ubaid used to go school but the teachers at the school were not able to teach him effectively. After identifying Ubaid, in addition to attending school MS Laram he also used to visit Resource Room Khanabal weekly twice where Resource Teacher trained him Braille. Ubaid is now able to read and write in Braille.

In October/November 2015, he appeared in class 8th exams in cluster Head HSS Wanpoh and wrote the exam in Braille script, and for maths he used the taylor frame for writing his exam and cleared the exam.

Sakeena Yusuf

Sakeena Yusuf was identified during the survey conducted in 2013 under the IED component of SSA. Sakeena was congenital blind. After the identification, her parents were motivated by the Resource Teacher, to enroll her in the local Government School, which they agreed. Resource Teacher also motivated the local school teachers to enroll the child in their School. Initially they hesitated, as they were not aware how to teach such children. Resource Teacher provided them all the support which they needed to teach such children. The teachers were trained in Braille at the District level in a 5 day workshop. Braille Slate which is used to write in Braille was also provided to the Sakeena.

Sakeena is now able to write in Braille and is able to read simple sentences in Braille. She has participated in many programs like Singing and reciting Naats in which she successfully bagged positions. Sakeena recently appeared in class 5th Examination at GMS Sofipora where she wrote her exams in the Braille and was appreciated by one and all.