Seasonal Centres Aims & Objectives

It is a well-known fact that the UT of J&K has a huge chunk of migratory population which migrates from within/one district/division to another district/division during the onset of summer season along-with their school going children to the highest mountain peaks/pastures for a maximum period of six months (usually April/May to September/October). Keeping in view the diversity in topography of J&K and the importance of the education/schooling facility, Directorate of Samagra Shiksha, J&K is facilitating the education of these children of nomadic population by enabling the districts to establish the Seasonal Centres every year based on the migratory period and location where these communities stay along with their families and cattle head. By virtue of these seasonal centres, educational facility is provided to the children within the age group of 6-14 years during the migration period (for a maximum of six months) who are either already on the rolls of the school at their original places (catchment area or habitation) or out of school.
Seasonal Educational Volunteers are engaged in these Seasonal Centres for imparting education to the migratory/nomadic children every year for a maximum of 06 months period. The engagement of these Seasonal Educational Volunteers is purely temporary and co-terminus with the closure of the seasonal centre as and when the migratory population moves back to their original places.
Ministry of Education, GoI sanctions the funds @Rs. 0.06 lakh (Rs. six thousand) per migratory child, which includes the TLE, TLM, honorarium of Seasonal Educational Volunteers, cost of tents and contingency amount. Teaching Learning Equipment (TLE) @Rs. 2500/- per seasonal centre is provided which includes white board, easel, markers, dusters, interactive charts and the extra transportation cost etc, that may be incurred because of the distance and head-load as the seasonal centre is established on the highest mountain peaks/pastures and tough hilly terrains. Also, an amount of Rs. 100/- per enrolled nomadic child is provided as TLM which includes pencil, sharpener, eraser, notebooks etc. Moreover, keeping in view that the class work is not held in open, Samagra Shiksha has also kept the provision of water proof tents for these Seasonal Centres, which are provided on the basis of requisition from the concerned Chief Education Officers.
It is to mention here that after returning from the Dhoks, the children of migratory nomadic population return to their homes where they are enrolled in the schools of their catchment area and avail all benefits available under the scheme. The number of Seasonal Centres to be established and the number of Seasonal Educational Volunteers to be engaged in these seasonal centres is decided by the concerned Chief Education Officers.